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Would you like to enjoy a relaxed, healthy pregnancy?

Would you like to feel empowered and confident that you are aware of all your birthing options?

Would you like to learn safe stretches to perform throughout your pregnancy and during your labour?

Would you like a chance to connect with your baby, away from your daily life in a supportive and welcoming environment?

Would you like to learn optimum birthing positions, and be guided through positive and confidence-boosting affirmations?

“Pregnancy Yoga is a preparation to slowing the body and mind down, removing the need to control, instilling a sense of acceptance and learning how to go with the flow, be excited about the unknown. Women have so many pressures placed on them by society that pregnancy is almost a way of turning everything they know on it’s head and starting a fresh. No preconceptions, just discovery; That is not to say women are encouraged to remain ignorant of the process, the opposite is true, women are encouraged to research, make themselves aware of the options and ask questions, most importantly trust their instincts as a woman and a mother. In the same way you would prepare your body for a marathon, pregnancy yoga offers this preparation for both mind and body”

“I loved the feeling of connecting, being told to place my hand on my baby and breathe into my belly - the place where my baby lives, reminded me exactly what was going on inside me, it’s lovely to be given permission to do that”

A pregnancy yoga class is a wonderful way for you to take a break from your week, step away from your daily life and learn simple ways to focus on just you and your growing body and becoming more connected with your growing body. Rachel guides a nourishing pregnancy yoga class with a focus on strengthening the body and mind while softening through the belly and heart. Influences come from her background teaching a mixture of vinyasa and classical hatha yoga sequences and experience of a modified practise during her pregnancies. The Classes flow and encourage a constant return to the breath as a life force, nourishment for both mother and baby and a tool to support the body through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Pregnancy yoga classes are created for all levels of fitness & all stages of pregnancy. No experience is needed, classes will leave your achy body and tired mind energised, full of useful information

“I wanted to feel I was doing ‘something’ and just moving my body safely made me feel so much more comfortable”